Streaming Polka Joy Across The World  

Effective Feb 25th between 4-9 PM

Polish New Castle will start BETA Testing the new broadcasting software for  We will conduct this testing Monday - Friday from 4PM - 9 PM during the entire testing Process.   As expected with anything new software there will be glitches.   As these glitches arise we will report them to   As for scheduling of shows there might be a slight delay in start times as we are unable to get the program to que them on the exact time.   So please be patient with the delays.   As time goes by the software engineers will attempt to fix these problems as soon as possible.   After BETA testing is complete and a final copy of the software is available to us, we will slowly start to go from a PC platform to a strictly APPLE platform.   This upgrade will improve our network performance which will eventually be able to trickle down to you the listener.

Again thank you for your cooperation.
Robert Mazur, Owner
Polish New Castle Radio