Steel City Polkas can be heard every Sunday from 11am EST - Noon on PNCR


broadcasting from the Polish New Castle Radio Site along with PNCR YouTube page.

Hi my name is Rob Mazur, and in 2010 I started Polish New Castle Radio. Over the years I have provided a means to bring some of the best IJs in the Polka industry to you, the listeners . Polish New Castle Radio is just one of three major networks here in the US that brings you the Polish style music that you have come to enjoy. With some persuasion over the years I finally decided to step up and in Sep of 2017 Steel City Polkas was born. Since then I have managed to bring you the listeners a taste of Polish style music from today and yesterday into your homes. A task that I have come to enjoy in my spare time. Unlike other IJs I’m just your average person. At one time I was a musician playing my trumpet in high school and then in the Air Force during Basic training. Now a days the horn just sits and well I am a lil out of practice so I leave the horn playing to the pros. Now I just concentrate on running PNCR and hosting my own show. I hope you enjoy what I have accomplished in the Polka industry and I value your support and friendship for years to come.